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Whos Your Daddy?

In “Who is your father”, a multiplayer experience, a player acts as a guardian, plays as a father, the other one who plays as a child. The Pope’s goal is to keep the baby in his house every day (it takes several minutes). Meanwhile, the child’s goal is to keep the forks at points of sale,to spend time bathing in a hot oven or to fall awkward: everything that dies and “wins” the tournament. Then the roles change and the players start again.

Sorry, that’s bad (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); There’s a lot to say about something different from the underlying premise of the game. Managementis simple: both players use the buttons and buttons on the left and right mouse to move and achieve their goals. Father, of course, moves faster, but that’s necessary! The father must divert the objects of physics to the impact, the child and the child’s home carethat the child is not protected from sex: put sanitary water and batteries, the glass mass waiting for the decay of the family and a glass result, the family vharazh, the machine is framed on the wall, it explodes. Dad can feed the pills and fruits to cure them (without consequences) … thoughthey turned into a deep green mask to reflect their illness and injuries.

Amusement Tourism Every player turns, as a parent, and later as a child, during all rounds. This is a useful and sincere feature when considering two games of a very different and asymmetric oneway. The task of the Pope is, of course, more difficult than that of the child, alAt the beginning, but the realization of your task Papochka can get strength. If you put the battery for smoke detectors or each toy in the toy box, for example, it is likely to be “Bath Pop,” which allowsto see through the walls. The child does not receive food, but does not require them, which are very small, to hide while the father does not return, and then goes to the full bath while not far away.

Explosion in the past It can be considered something good or bad, given the initiative of the game, but thatyour father does not have a great calendar. A colorful style with earthy and realistic colors that remind Sims or similar games in the mid-2000s. The character of the characters and textures of objects found in the home are certainly not professionals. The animation is often described as a “jump”.But it may be difficult not to laugh when the father is standing in front of the oven, absolutely nothing wrong, and he opens with his team to discover the Baby.

In principle, if a person who calls your father as a game you can enjoy, this is likely to be it. Given how simple it is toget the game and simply start to play, there is a minimal risk to try. Everything you really need to achieve is like-minded friend (or more than one!) Copies of the game, cover and desire down deep and dirty suburbs as a servant and intruder. Is your father? Thatis up to you!


In general, if someone tells you your father as a game you can enjoy, it is likely. Given how easy it is to play the game and how easy it is to start playing, there is a minimal risk of it. Everything you really need ytyye adherent (or more thanone!) Copies of the game, match and desire to be drowned and dirty in the depths of the suburbs as host and porushnyka.Htoo your father suit you!

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